What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic is the 2nd primary health profession in the USA. Elsewhere it ranks third in number of patients served after Medicine and Dentistry. Of the three it has the highest rate of growth. The WHO (World Health Organization) has recognized Chiropractic since 1988. There are 79 countries where it’s established as a health profession which 36 teaching universities worldwide. In the USA alone there are more than 60.000 doctors of chiropractic who attend patients daily. In 1915, the chiropractic profession was recognized for the first time in the USA. Today it’s recognized in countries like Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Lichtenstein and Hong Kong among many others. University faculties of chiropractic study can be found throughout the world. In the USA alone there are 19 universities where chiropractic is taught. In addition to teaching institutions, Chiropractic also has research centers. The most well known is at the University of Colorado. A recent study conducted by the New Zealand Royal Commission for Research on Chiropractic determined that: “Doctors of Chiropractic are specialists in the care of neuromusculoskeletal conditions and possess more knowledge and training in spinal techniques and manual therapies than any other health professional.” “Chiropractors are the only doctors sufficiently prepared due to their education and training to put into practice vertebral manipulation.” The Spanish Chiropractic Association defines the profession as: “the health profession that is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of alterations of the musculoskeletal system and of the effects that these disorders produce in the function of the nervous system and health in general. Special emphasis is given to the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself and in the predominance of the nervous system over the other systems in the regulation of the body balance and homeostasis. The treatment is fundamentally manual, with the specific manual vertebral adjustment being the unique characteristic of our profession. Traditionally it deals with the detection, analysis and correction of the chiropractic subluxation or vertebral subluxation complex. The Chiropractic Subluxation is a complex of functional, structural and even pathological changes that compromise the function of the nervous system which influences the activity of the other systems of the organism and as a consequence health. The evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of the vertebral subluxation complex is performed by the use of chiropractic procedures based on the rational and empirical evidence currently available.” More Information